Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

The 8 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2019

Without any doubt, Basket Ball is considered the most popular game in the United States of America and it’s considered the second most famous sport in the world after soccer. It is one of the sports activity where you need least requirements. A good enough space to play, the goal post, the ball, and yes! Some good quality sports shoes. There is a variety of shoe available in the market for different sports, but you need some Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support so that you may give your best during the play.

You can play with regular sports shoe, but in the basketball game you have to run, sprint and jump quite often. All the pressure is born by the ankle so, you need extra care and support for the ankle. An ordinary shoe pair won’t do the good rather you will have to log on to Amazon where you can buy the Best Basketball Shoes. To make your choice easy, here we have listed 8 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support:

Nike Air Jordan 1

Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation

Nike Air Command Force

Nike Lebron Soldier IX

Adidas Crazy Explosive

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

Fila Men’s F-13v

The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

1. Nike Air Jordan 1


  • More suitable for Outdoor Basketball Games
  • Air Cushion in the middle of the sole to absorb shocks
  • Uppercut for extra ankle support
  • Deeper thread for durability
  • Genuine Leather Upper  

Nike is the brand that every basketball player love and Nike Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular and best basketball shoes for ankle support. Though this shoe was manufactured with an aim to support both indoor and outdoor basketball game but technically it’s more suitable for outdoor games. Extra air cushion in the middle of the sole is superb for absorbing shocks of jumps and leaps.

Fine and natural leather at the upper portion with deeper threads, make it perfect choice for the outdoor basketball games. It is one of the most selling basketball shoe on Amazon store.


  • Extra High Upper Cut
  • Air cushioned sole
  • Soft and Genuine Leather Upper
  • Fine Finishing


  • Not the best for indoor games
  • Flat Sole
  • Not best for sprints

2. Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation


  • Cloudfoam Liner for extra grip
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Double cushion for extra comfort
  • Made Hybrid material for breathability
  • Extra cushioned ankle support

One of the most famous name in running shoe manufacturer, Adidas are considered the second best when we talk about Basketball shoe. The thing that keep them second, behind Nike, is their sole which is not actually designed for heaps and sprints of basketball game. But when we talk about comfort and durability, Adidas shoes are not less than the best basketball shoes for ankle support. In the matter of comfort, Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation are best no doubt.

Don’t need to stop and focus on any pain or discomfort during the game. You can keep your mind focused on your performance without caring that you are going to get any injury on the feet because Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation shoes with ankle support take care of your feet and keep them safe because it is loaded with cushions around your feet with extra protection on the ankle side.


  • Leather and Fabric upper
  • Economical in Price
  • Cloudfoam Liner
  • Double Cushion
  • Most breathable Basketball Shoe
  • Lightweight with extra grip


  • Not the best for outdoor games

3. Nike Air Command Force


  • Fully laced slip-free closure
  • Air Bag Cushions for Shock Absorbent
  • Extra Stability with polyurethane midsole
  • Air bladder for extra ankle support and cover
  • Perfect blend of leather and fabric upper

Nike, being the best brand in manufacturing best basketball shoes for ankle support, managed to take various spots in our list of “8 best basketball shoes for ankle support in 2019”. Nike Air Command Force is one of the classic design from the house of Nike witch was rerelease afterwards keeping in view the high demand from the Nike fans.

Originally, Nike Air Command Force was marketed by the company as David Robinson’s basketball shoe. Being the top-ranked player of the time, people loved and followed his choice, and these shoes became one of the most popular and best basketball shoes for ankle support.


  • Comes with a perfectly high-top cut
  • Air cushioned ankle support
  • Equipped with air bladder system
  • Extra durability with laced closure
  • Perfectly designed midsole for sprints and hops


  • Heavier than most basketball shoes

4. Adidas Crazy 8


  • Equipped with Puremotion System to minimize response
  • Synthetic Lightweight Upper
  • 360 Degree Pivoting
  • Spaced Laces for comfortable fit
  • Mid-top Cut for Extra Mobility

If we would be ranking best basketball shoes with ankle support keeping in view the design factor then Adidas Crazy 8 would be at the top of the list. Most of the basketball players know this Adidas Crazy 8 shoes as Kobe Bryant 8s shoes. With shocks absorbing sole, Adidas Crazy 8s are best for hopping and dart players who have to jump again and again to post goal. While designing these one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support, the comfort factor is always kept in mind. Sole is designed for extra mobility factor.


  • Extreme Mobility Factor
  • Spaced Laces for Looser and Comfortable fitting
  • Perfect mid-top cut
  • Puremotion system for sole
  • Ultra-light upper


  • May loose grip sometimes

5. Nike Lebron Soldier IX


  • Best design for mobility
  • Dual straps for feet security
  • Hexagonal tread design for better 3D traction
  • Phylon midsole for extra pivot support
  • Mid-top cut with extra cut out for ankle support

Mid-top cut is most popular among basketball player and Nike knows the fact. Not just Nike, you will find this feature in most of the best basketball shoes for ankle support for 2019. Nike Lebron Soldier IX is actually blend of all the best basketball shoes for ankle support. It features everything that a professional basketball player looks for in the shoes.


  • Dual straps provide extra security
  • The perfect mid-top cut
  • Phylon midsole
  • Ideal fitting with Flywire
  • Features Hexagonal tread


  • Suitable only for indoor games
  • Less supportive than others

6. Adidas Crazy Explosive


Comfort and Support – these two features define Adidas Crazy Explosive. The name is given for its color and design. Adidas favors spaced laces designs for the shoes to avoid putting extra pressure and to keep your feet comfortable in the shoes. Comfort and feet security is the factor that keeps you focused on the game rather than worrying about pains and shocks. Textile upper gives these shoes a fantastic finishing and make it more comfortable and lighter in weight. Like other textile upper shoes, these are also one of those basketball shoes which are superbly breathable.

Nice and bouncy sole at the bottom and higher top cut let you hop and leap easily without putting any pressure on the ankle. If you want style and comfort in your basketball shoes, then Adidas Crazy Explosive is one of the best basketball shoes with ankle support that you must have.


  • Higher than normal top cut
  • Loose and comfortable fitting
  • Ultralight Weight
  • Sole with Bounce Supporting Cushioning
  • Breathable basketball shoes


  • Just satisfactory ankle support

7. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3


  • Classical Design with Synthetic Upper
  • Optimum Flexibility with ClutchFit System
  • Microfiber Full-Length Sock Liner
  • 3D Moulded Tongue

Under Armour is one of those rare and unknown brands which still manage to get a beautiful place on the list of best basketball shoes for ankle support. Under Armour is competing for the top-notch brands like Nike, Adidas, and Fila since last thirty years in the field of basketball shoes. When it comes to fitness and comfort, Under Armour has always produced some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Under Armour – as the name shoes, goes a step beyond in ankle support and security. Though it’s a mid-top cut 3D molded tongues makes your ankle the support of high-top cut basketball shoes. It keeps your feet safe and fit in the shoes and also it doesn’t restrict your feet movement.


  • Light-weight Synthetic Upper
  • Herringbone tread for extra support
  • Perfect mid-top cut design
  • US Clutch Fit
  • 3D Moulded tongue
  • Extra cushion in the midsole


  • Little heavier in look

8. Fila Men's F-13v


  • Complete Leather Upper for pure fit
  • Suitable for Outdoor Sports and Casual Use Alike
  • Extra comfort with midsole Die-cast Eva foam
  • Extra ankle support with ankle strap

You might be surprised to see Fila in our list of best basketball shoes for ankle support because the main focus of Fila is to produce Tennis shoes. Your reservations are correct, but Fila F-13v is casual and good enough that it can be good to perform on the court.

Shoe upper is made of pure leather which is best not just for the ankle support but for comfortable shape and fitting as well. Shape and design of Fila F-13v are kept so casual that you can use it during sports and for casual use as well. The midsole is loaded with die-cast EVA foam that keeps you comfortable even when you sprint or heap. For extra fitting and ankle support, there’s an ankle strap. So, these are the features which forced us to include Fila F-13v in our list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.


  • Leather Upper
  • Die-cast EVA Foam Midsole
  • Ankle Strap
  • Mid-top cut
  • More Breathable


  • Uncommon outer sole grip

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support – Buyer’s Guide

In this buying guide for best basketball shoes for ankle support, you will be told about the key terms so that you may see the feature and benefit for each. It will help you in judging the best shoes to fit your needs.


The top portion where you usually see the laces are called “Upper.” It is the portion which decides the stability and mobility of the shoe. However, keep in mind that both the factors, i.e., mobility and stability are inverse proportional to each other. If the upper is designed for more stability, then there will be lesser the mobility factor and vice versa. Keeping in view your objective, select the one you want.

Upper can be made of different materials. There are three commonly used materials, and every material has some specific purpose and features. The leather is considered the most premium material for upper. It’s hard and thicker than other materials. It takes time to fit in your feet according to your feet shape. However, once it is set, it fits best in your shoes.

Synthetic upper comes in different mixtures and varieties. Synthetic uppers may not be as durable as leather, but these are more flexible than leather. Synthetic upper can absorb moisture more than any other material.

Textile uppers are typically used for waterproofing. These are lighter than all other materials, and hence these upper are best for mobility factor. Now you know which upper will meet your need so now you can select from our list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.


The cut is the height of the opening of the shoe. It defines the ankle support and mobility factor of your basketball shoes. Higher the cut, more the ankle support but lesser the mobility. Most of the best basketball shoes for ankle support in the history used to have high top cut. High top cut provides excellent ankle support, but it restricts the movement.

Mid-top cut basketball shoes are most popular among the players through these doesn’t provide the ankle support that a high-top cut basketball shoes provides. The reason for the popularity of mid-top cut is the blend of ankle support and mobility.

Outer Sole:

The outer sole is not much noteworthy in basketball shoes so this factor can be ignored even when you are selecting the best basketball shoes for ankle support. However, if you are selecting for indoor or outdoor, then you will have to consider the tread of the outer sole. The deeper tread is better for outdoor games while tread with little height is better for indoor games.


Midsole though doesn’t have a direct link with the quality of basketball shoes, but best basketball shoes for ankle support do give importance to the midsole of basketball shoes. A well cushioned and well-shaped midsole can bring extra stability and comfort for you, and you can hence focus more on the game.


The closure is another factor that decides the fitting, comfort, and mobility of the basketball shoes. The arrangement of laces and adding an extra strap can play an essential role in the quality and purpose of the basketball shoes. The strap wasn’t present in traditional basketball shoes, but now most of the top brands are keen to add an extra strap for extra ankle support to the mid-top cut basketball shoes.

Just the little variations are possible in designing the closure. Some brands prefer to use spaced laces to keep the fitting a bit loose and comfortable. It also adds the mobility factor. Some brands started using hooks instead of eyelets. Eyelets are extra stable but using hooks in place of eyelets allows the mobility to play an extra role.


Like midsole, the cushion is something which has nothing to do with the basketball shoes ankle support, but still, it’s an essential factor that you can’t neglect. The cushion is used to adding little comfort and fitting to more rigid and stable basketball shoes. The importance of cushion is felt when you heap or hop again and again during the game. It keeps your feet in place and saves your feet from shocks and sprains in your ankle. In other words, it provides extra safety layer and support to your ankle. Briefly, cushion factor must be considered if you are selecting one from the list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.


Well, you have read our reviews about the best basketball shoes for ankle support. However, your list or choice for the best basketball shoes for ankle support may be different than this one. Moreover, your choice will somewhat depend upon the objective, the playing style, type of game, indoor or outdoor, ankle support and safety preference and many other such factors. So read the buying guide for basketball shoes and decide which shoes may fit your need and style of the game.

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